VE Day - 75th Anniversary

Some of our pupils, along with pupils from other local school helped, Amersham Town Council produce bunting which has been used to decorate Sycamore Road in Amersham to commenorate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day on Friday 8th May 2020

Victory in Europe was celebrated on May 8th 1945 in the UK, with millions rejoicing in the streets. In London, the royal family greeted crowds amassed around Buckingham Palace. In Amersham, thanksgiving services were held in the churches, and bells tolled throughout the day in jubilation. An open-air dance was quickly organised in the Broadway, and someone mounted the Union Flag in a fir tree.

In the following weeks, a VE day party was held for the children in tennis courts in The Meadows, Amersham-on-the-Hill. On May 12th, Mr Alfred Woodley gave thanks to the Civil Defence on behalf of the people of Amersham. On the 25th May, another children’s party was held in the British Legion Hall, Whielden Street. When victory over Japan was announced on August 15th, local celebrations were organised but they were more subdued than the VE day parties earlier in the year.

People continued to reflect upon and celebrate the end of wartime for many months. Christmas and New Year was a time for jubilation and contemplation. During March 1946, Amersham’s Music Festival was revived after six years of disruption. Peace celebrations were planned for June 8th 1946 and a long - awaited memorial service was held at Barn Meadow. Some light entertainment was cancelled due to bad weather.

With thanks to Mrs E Toettcher & Amersham Museum


Amersham Museum - VE Day

Images of children celebrating VE Day in Amersham - these are on First Avenue