Well-Being and Mental Health

Mental Health and Well-Being at Elangeni

March 2019

Mental Health issues affect children and young people as well as adults, with more than 850,000 children and young people in the UK having been diagnosed with a mental health condition.

Since September 2014, Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) has also become a category of Special Educational Needs. Children with a SEMH need will receive support in school.

At Elangeni, we endeavour to promote positive mental health. We offer a community of support, and will ensure that:

  • we help our pupils to build emotional resilience
  • we help our pupils to develop self-esteem
  • we help our pupils to develop greater confidence
  • we help our pupils to develop their social skills
  • we help our pupils to feel valued and a part of Elangeni by ensuring they have a voice




Mental Health days – termly

ELSA CPD for 3 TAs

Office team welcoming and supportive

ELSA pupils identified and supported termly – in discussions with SENCO/ELSAs

NVQ Level 2 Mental Health Awareness for all teachers and SBM

Teachers availability before/during and after school to speak to parents

Vulnerable pupils supported formally and informally through staff awareness

Vulnerable pupils reviewed and identified through a number of means – home life, social interactions at school etc.

Free staff refreshments; tea/coffee, food provided for staff inset days and parents evenings,  Jacket Potato Thursdays where staff take turns to bake potatoes.


Supportive nurturing environment for all

Staff support one another – great team


Referrals to CAMHS when appropriate.

AB/SH – Emotional Well Being Conference 27/11/2018


PSHE Curriculum

SH/CPP – Mental Health courses



CPP - Mental Health First Aid course



Advanced notice of meetings – ensuring meetings are effective and relevant