Our School Day

From September 2022 our school day starts with morning registration at 8.40am and we finish each day at 3.15pm.

Time Activity
8am - 8.35am Study Club. Pupils may attend on an adhoc basis, no need to book for 50p per session
8.30am School gates open. There will be a member of staff on duty at the gate from 8.30am.
8.35am-8.40am Pupils are greeted and are directed to go straight to class by a member of staff.
8.40am Morning Registration
8.50am - 9.05am Daily Assembly
9.05am - 10am Lesson 1
10am - 10.55am Lesson 2 - Upper School
10am - 11.10am Lesson 2 - Lower School
10.55am - 11.10am Break - Upper School
11.10am - 11.25am Break - Lower School
11.10am - 12.15pm Lesson 3 - Upper School
11.25am - 12.15pm Lesson 3 - Lower School
12.15pm - 1.15pm Lunch
1.15pm Afternoon Registration
1.15pm - 2.10pm Lesson 4
2.10pm - 3.05pm Lesson 5
3.05pm - 3.15pm  Everyone Reading In Class (ERIC) & Stack and Pack
3.15pm End of the school day
3.20pm - 4.20pm After School Clubs - please check After School Club Page for specific dates

Late Arrival

From September 2022 our school day will start with registration at 8.40am.

No child, unless attending Study Club should be on the school site prior to 8.30am. Parents need to remain with their child until there is a member of school staff, usually Miss Burns, at the main school gates from 8.30am. The children line up and the year group lines will move from the front of school to class at 8.35am. Once in class registration will be done at 8.40am.

If your child is running late, and arrives at school after 8:45am when the school gates are no longer manned by school staff, we kindly ask that they are encouraged to head straight to the front of the school and enter the main building via the office, rather than heading straight to class. All pupils arriving after 8.45am must ensure that they "check in" at the school office to be registered before heading to class. Children who miss morning registration will be marked as late if they arrive before 9am.