This agreement summarises the school’s aims and values. It sets out the school’s responsibilities to its pupils and their parents, and the commitments that the staff and parents make to one another. These matters are also covered in the school’s prospectus.


The school wants its pupils to enjoy their time and to benefit from their education at Elangeni. To achieve this, the school offers a broad and balanced curriculum and a stimulating programme of extra-curricular activities, and aims for the highest standards of teaching and learning. These can only be achieved through a partnership between staff, pupils and parents. The school fosters an ethos in which all pupils are valued as individuals who are increasingly able to take responsibility for themselves and who respect the talents and contributions of others.


The school will:


  • ensure a safe, caring and stimulating environment for teaching and learning;

  • provide for all pupils a broad and balanced curriculum, opportunities for extra curricular activity, and regular homework;

  • keep parents informed about general school matters, about their children’s progress in all aspects of school life, and contact them should problems arise;

  • enable easy access for parents to staff;

  • deal with difficulties and problems promptly and sympathetically;

  • expect the highest standards of behaviour and discipline and encourage pupils to be responsible and caring members of the school community;

  • support parents whenever possible in ensuring that their children can participate fully in the life of the school.


Parents will:


  • support the school’s aims, values, rules and behaviour policy;
  • ensure that their children attend school regularly, on time, rested and in good health, properly equipped and in school uniform;
  • inform the school of any reasons for their children’s absence and of any significant home circumstances which may affect their children’s work;
  • encourage their children to participate in all aspects of school life;
  • make sure their children do homework to the best of their ability;
  • attend parents’ evenings and meetings with staff when requested to do so;
  • not book family holidays during term time.



Pupils will:


  • keep to the school’s rules;
  • respect all the people who are part of the school community;
  • attend school regularly and on time;
  • wear school uniform and bring the correct equipment to school each day;
  • do their homework and hand it in on time;
  • work to the best of their ability in school and at home;
  • be polite and helpful
  • contribute to the life of the school to the best of their ability, and join in extra-curricular activities that interest them.


Last updated: 2022-07-28

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