Letters Sent Home

Most letters are sent home via Parent Mail - click on the ParentMail logo above and log in to your Parent Mail account - if the message was sent home by e-mail, forms or text you will find it there.

ParentMail provide a very useful app for smart phones, tablets, iPhones and iPad. Click on the correct download icon for your device to install their user friendly app.



In order to minimise your printing and paper costs it is rarely necessary for parents to print out these letters.

With Parent Mail we have the ability to set up forms for you to complete and provide the information we need from you. If you find that you are unable to complete a form it will probably be for one of two reasons, the number of spaces being offered has reached its limit or the closing date has passed, both will make the form inaccessible. If you find a form closed by the time you come to complete it please contact the school office by e-mail.  

For school trips if you choose not to pay via Parent Mail's +pay please send your payment in an envelope (a recycled envelope is perfectly acceptable) and mark the envelope with your child's name and class, then write on the envelope what the payment is for. Please ask your child to hand in all money via the class teacher - Cheques for school trips must be made payable to Buckinghamshire Council - Elangeni 

Free paper copies are available upon request from the school office.