At Elangeni, we believe that the ethos of the school is as important to a child's development and learning as the school's organisation and structure. We aim to foster self-esteem and respect for others, in an environment of trust and safety.

Children are encouraged to participate fully in all aspects of school life, taking pride in both their own achievements and those of their fellow pupils. Responsibility and self-discipline are encouraged in relationships, in the learning process and in the use of materials, to create an atmosphere of positive, mutual respect.

It is understood that children develop at different rates -academically, socially, emotionally and physically - and that each child must therefore be recognised and valued as an individual. Every child is entitled to self-worth, and since we are responsible for the development of all children, we aim to foster tolerance and understanding between children, and between adults and children. Whenever possible, this will be achieved by praising and rewarding desirable behaviour and attitudes, but actions which may harm another, either emotionally or physically, are not acceptable. Appropriate measures will be taken, depending on the severity of the action. Children who have misbehaved will, of course, be given support and guidance, and above all, the opportunity to make amends.

Each child will have access to the complete curriculum, which will include the statutory National Curriculum. Content is planned by the teacher and offered with structure and guidance. Children are encouraged to develop lively and enquiring minds in a climate of experiment and exploration. Both creativity and precision are valued. In discussion, research and problem-solving, children learn that there is not always one "right" answer and, therefore, that the reasons and opinions of others should always be considered and respected.

Staff work closely together, drawing upon each other's special interests and expertise. Parental involvement in school life is welcomed, and a partnership between parents and school is considered vital. It is only with such co-operation and consistency that the pupils at Elangeni, both individually and collectively, will achieve their full potential.