Internet Policy for Pupils

As part of the teaching programme your child will, on occasions, have access to the internet. As a school this area is carefully protected, meaning that the children should not be able to access any unsuitable material. You and your child should read the following Code of Practice (which is also included in the school organiser which should be signed to acknowledge it has been read) Without the page in your child's organiser being signed your child will not be permitted access to the internet whilst in school.


Pupils’ Internet Code of Practice 

  • I will only use the internet when supervised by a teacher or authorised adult
  • I will never tell anyone I meet on the internet my home address or my telephone number
  • I will never send anyone my picture without permission from my teacher/parents/carer
  • I will always tell my teacher if I see bad language or distasteful things while I’m online
  • I know that my teacher and the Internet service provider will check the sites I have visited
  • I understand that I can only access sites and material relevant to my work in school and will not be able to use the Internet if I deliberately try to look at unsuitable material
  • I understand that I will not be able to use the Internet if I deliberately hack into the school’s or other systems
  • I know that the posting of anonymous messages and forwarding of chain messages is not allowed
  • I know that the contents of my e-mail messages will be monitored by the Network Manager
  • I may not download software from the Internet (including screen savers, games, video clips, audio clips, *.exe files)
  • I understand that information on the Internet may not always be reliable and sources may need checking.  Web sites may be sponsored by advertisers
  • I will not use e-mail to send or encourage material which is offensive or annoying