Uniformerly - Second Hand Uniform                                                                                      

Buy, sell or simply hand on free of charge, an easy way for parents to pass on school uniform or even musical instruments that their child no longer needs. Rather than throw it away Uniformerly is an easy way to recycle second hand uniform.

  1. Go to www.uniformerly.co.uk
  2. Click 'Register' and fill in some details about you
  3. Select our LA (Buckinghamshire) and the our school, Elangeni - that's you registered.
  4. Now click 'My School' on the menu to view the listed items for our school.
  5. If you want to list an item select 'List an item' and add the details you wish to share. Once you click place listing you will receive an email to let you know your item is available for all to see.

Parents liaise between each other with regards to payment, if any has been requested, and passing the item on.

Click here to read more I'm a parent - how it works