Staff - Academic Year 2019 - 2020

Teaching Staff

Role Curriculum Responsibility
Miss Alexandra Burns Head Teacher/ Designated Safeguarding Lead PSHE
Mrs Sarah Hamilton

Deputy Head Teacher/ Lower School Leader/ Senior Leadership Team/ Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

 SENCo, Gifted and Talented, Inclusion,  Design and Technology, Mathematics, 
Mrs Susan Bourne Y3 Class Teacher/ Senior Leadership Team / Upper School Leader  Literacy, Geography
Miss Bryn Angus Y6 Class Teacher Music
Mrs Anila Hussain Y6 Class Teacher Computing
Miss Svetla Dyudyukova Y5 Class Teacher  
Mrs Sue Stewart Y5 Class Teacher  RE, MFL
Miss Susan Mallard Y4 Class Teacher History
Mr Christopher Austin Y4 Class Teacher  Science
Miss Nicole Hussey Y3 Class Teacher
Mrs Helen Sperling Teacher  Art
Support Staff Role  
Mrs Clare Prescott-Pounds School Business Manager / Senior Leadership Team/ Data Protection School Lead/ Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead  
Miss Tracey Byrne School Admin Assistant  
Mr Anthony Sifleet Site Manager  
Mrs Linda Benyon Y6 Teaching Assistant  
Mrs Clare Bunce Y5 Teaching Assistant / Senior Lunchtime Supervisor  
Miss Susan Bell Y4 Teaching Assistant  
Mrs Johanna Pearce Y3 Teaching Assistant  
Mrs Julie Gannon Learning Support Assistant  
Miss Andrea Northcott Learning Support Assistant  
Mrs Joanne Bolton Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Jane Sifleet Cleaner  
Mrs Nadira Dost-Muhammad Lunchtime Supervisor / Learning Support Assistant  
Mrs Ying Gregory Lunchtime Supervisor  
Mrs Jyothi Rajeshkumar Lunchtime Supervisor  
Mrs Sakine Bromhead Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Ramya Selvakumar Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr Robert Prescott-Pounds Casual Staff Member
Peripatetic Music Staff Instrument  
Mrs Jessica Simpson Woodwind / Orchestra  
Mrs Linda Miller Violin  
Mrs Liz Kirton Piano/ Keyboard  
Mr Michael Mayo Classical Guitar  
Last update: 2019-08-21