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Well-Being and Mental Health Resources

With the help of Buckinghamshire Mind, the mental health charity, Action for Happiness and the Buckinghamshire Education Safeguarding Advisory Service we are building this page to support our Elangeni Family through this unprecedented time.


Week 12

 INFANT Starting Primary School - guidance for parents and carers.pdfDownload
 PRIMARY transition to secondary creative writing exercises.pdfDownload
 YEAR 6 transition worksheet.pdfDownload
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Week 11

 PRIMARY & KS3 About Me.pdfDownload
 PRIMARY Book List.pdfDownload
 PRIMARY lgbt_history_home_learning_pack_-_primary.pdfDownload
 PRIMARY my-family-tree-template.pdfDownload
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 INFANT Ocean Animals Read Trace Write and Draw Activity Sheets.pdfDownload
 INFANT Summer Playdough Mats.pdfDownload
 PRIMARY Carnival Maths Game.pdfDownload
 PRIMARY Club-Wembley-Kids-Activity-Pack.pdfDownload
 PRIMARY Summer colouring sheets.pdfDownload
 PRIMARY Summer Writing Activity Booklet.pdfDownload
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 INFANT & PRIMARY Cardboard Tube Rocket Craft Instructions.pdfDownload
 INFANT mindful playdough recipe.pdfDownload
 Parent&Staff weekly wellbeing 9 (Arts).pdfDownload
 PRIMARY Caring Scrapbook Activity.pdfDownload
 PRIMARY Place2Be The Art Room at Home.pdfDownload
 PRIMARY Story Setting Checklist.pdfDownload
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 PRIMARY Create your own Kindness Cup.pdfDownload
 PRIMARY feelings game.pdfDownload
 PRIMARY Kindness Certificate.pptxDownload
 PRIMARY Kindness Cup colouring in.pdfDownload
 PRIMARY Medal Templates.docx.pdfDownload
 PRIMARY Mental Health wordsearch.pdfDownload
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 PRIMARY & SECONDARY Growth_Mindset_Action_Plan.pdfDownload
 PRIMARY Inspirational Quotes Colouring.pdfDownload
 PRIMARY Positive Quotes Colouring.pdfDownload
 PRIMARY Try_Saying_Something_Else.pdfDownload
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 INFANT & PRIMARY Growth-Mindset-Affirmation-Activity-I-Can.pdfDownload
 INFANT & PRIMARY How to draw animals.pdfDownload
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 ALL Photo challenge.pdfDownload
 INFANT & PRIMARY mindfulness-challenge-cards_.pdfDownload
 INFANT & PRIMARY Plant a Seed Activity.pdfDownload
 INFANT - Emotions worksheet.pdfDownload
 PRIMARY Mindful-Me-Activity-Poster.pdfDownload
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 INFANT & PRIMARY chore chart.pdfDownload
 INFANT & PRIMARY MAKE a thank you card.pdfDownload
 PRIMARY It's okay to worry about coronavirus (NHS Grampian).pdfDownload
 PRIMARY conversation starters .pdfDownload
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 ALL Thank you key workers colouring.pdfDownload
 INFANT&PRIMARY Physical Activity Cube.pdfDownload
 Make a Gratitude Jar.pdfDownload
 PRIMARY Bedtime Gratitude Reminder Cards.pdfDownload
 PRIMARY I am thankful for.._.JPGDownload
 PRIMARY My Fitness Plan.pdfDownload
 PRIMARY Outdoor Activity Cards.pdfDownload
 PRIMARY things i can do for myself.pdfDownload
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Week 12

 Bucks Council SEND support training sessions.pdfDownload
 PARENTS Parent anxiety leaflet.pdfDownload
 SECONDARY & ADULT worry-exploration-questions.pdfDownload
 SECONDARY and ADULT coping-skills-anxiety.pdfDownload
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Week 11

 ADULT Book List.pdfDownload
 ALL - Who am I.pdfDownload
 ALL Identity-Activities.pdfDownload
 PARENT-STAFF YM gender-identity advice and info.pdfDownload
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 ALL Resilience building toolkit.pdfDownload
 ALL Summer Bucket List Template.jpgDownload
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 ADULT Amateur film-making _ National Science and Media Museum blog.pdfDownload
 ALL 30 day art challenge.pdfDownload
 ALL Action for Happiness June Calendar.pdfDownload
 ALL MHF One Day in Lockdown Activity.pdfDownload
 ALL Peer Mentor Article.pdfDownload
 ALL Young Minds Silly Stories.pdfDownload
 Online Abuse Long Newsletter Article.pdfDownload
 OnlineAbuse Useful Information and Links.pdfDownload
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 ADULT mental illness and stigma worksheets.pdfDownload
 ALL small-talk-discussion-cards.pdfDownload
 PARENTS (secondary) Healthy Minds's Online info 12 years and over.pdfDownload
 PARENTS Mental Health wordsearch.pdfDownload
 PARENTS young-minds-conversation-starters_final-003.pdfDownload
 PARENTS.STAFF managing stress.pdfDownload
 PARENTSWalking With You Poster May 2020.pdfDownload
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 ALL MH Awareness Week-Supporter-Pack.pdfDownload
 ALL Things That Make Me Beautiful.pdfDownload
 PRIMARY Coronavirus - A book for children.pdfDownload
 SECONDARY & ADULT 15_Growth_Mindset_Questions.pdfDownload
 SECONDARY & ADULT Self-Esteem Journal.pdfDownload
 SECONDARY & ADULT unhelpful thinking styles.pdfDownload
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 ALL Reading Well - recommended reading, books to help you feel better.pdfDownload
 PARENTS Signposting for Parents and Young People in Bucks-COVID-19.pdfDownload
 SECONDARY&ADULTS Interests-Activity.jpgDownload
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 ADULT & SECONDARY Little-Book-Of-Mindfulness.pdfDownload
 PARENTS- How to help your child foster autonomy.pngDownload
 Secondary and adults journally prompts.jpgDownload
 Secondary and adults journally prompts2.jpgDownload
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 ALL Two Point Six Challenge.pdfDownload
 PARENT COVID-19 Resource Pack For Parents (NHS Grampian).pdfDownload
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 ALL How to look after your Mental Health using exercise.pdfDownload
 PARENT.STAFF get active bingo.pdfDownload
 PARENTS Get active at home.pdfDownload
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 ALL looking-after-each-other-ourselves-final.pdf.pdfDownload
 PARENTS Gratitude Meditations .pdfDownload
 PARENTS Social Media Accounts .pdfDownload
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 Bucks Family Well-Being Information Pack.pdfDownload
 COVID19_advice for parents and carers_20.3_V31 (003).pdfDownload
 living with anxiety and worry.pdfDownload
 NHS Wellbeing Support Signposting Options.pdfDownload
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