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Any decision to close the school is not taken lightly and is made in conjunction with Chestnut Lane School and the chairman of our governing board.  In the event of snowfall, whilst we appreciate nearly all our families are within walking distance of the school, we need to ensure we have sufficient staff who are able to get to and from school safely and most of our staff live a distance from the school.  

Should we need to move to remote learning due to snowfall or another unforseen circumstance that prevents the school from opening, we will update the Buckinghamshire Council website with this information as soon as we possibly can.  You can find the status of all schools here: 

Given increased use of technology we would move all learning to MS Teams.  Please familiarise yourself with the guidance posted on the website regarding remote learning.  Remote Education Provision












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In preparation for an unforseen closure,  please make sure your child has their usernames and passwords for MS Teams and other learning websites in their organiser.  If you change the password for Teams, please make sure you update this in the organiser.

In the event of snowfall and the school remains operational on site, you may wish your child to walk to school wearing suitable snow shoes with a second pair of shoes/ slippers to change into at school in their bag.  Woodside Avenue is never pleasant with ice given the number of parked cars so please avoid driving and parking if we have settled snow and ice.   

My sincere hope is that we do not need to use these systems.

Last updated: 5th August 2022

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