Governors and their Roles on the Governing Board

incorporating Register of Governors’ Interests  Academic Year 2022- 2023

Our Governing Board meets a minimum of 6 times a year as a whole board rather than meeting in smaller committee groups.

Roles and Responsibilities for 2022 - 2023

Last updated - 16th March 2023

Name Governor Type Term From Term To Roles Curriculum Responsibility Pecuniary/ Business Interest Dates of Pecuniary/ Business Interest Personal Interest
Miss Alexandra Burns Head Teacher 01 Jan 2010            
Mr Paul Eckersall


co-opted by the Governing Board

11 Mar 2021 10 Mar 2025

Chairman of Governing Board

Development Governor




Mr Mark Grimson


co-opted by the Governing Board

15 Dec 2021 14 Dec 2025 GDPR



Mrs Ira Kryvorukova

Local Authority

Appointed by the Local Authority

14 Nov 2016 11 Nov 2024

Vice Chairman of Governing Board

Performance Management

Pay Review



Mrs Clare Prescott-Pounds


15 Mar 2023 14 Mar 2027     Elangeni School Business Manager    
Mr David Walker


co-opted by the Governing Board

23 Jun 2021 22 Jun 2025 Health and Safety History      
Mrs Charlotte Wittich Parent  - elected by the parent body 15 Dec 2021 14 Dec 2025 SEN     Current Parent
Mrs Natlalie Yeoh Parent  - elected by the parent body 18 Oct 2019 17 Oct 2023


Pupil Premium

RE   Current Parent
Mrs Jo Pearce Clerk      


Clerk to other schools in Bucks

Member of BC Governance Consultative Board

Chairman of Waterside Combined Governing Board

Treasurer of Bucks Association of School Governors


5 x Co-opted 

Mrs Clare Prescott-Pounds


co-opted by the Governing Board

25 Feb 2015

11 Oct 2022

Resigned from Board 11th October 2022

    School Business Manager   Resigned from Board 11th October 2022
Mrs Clare Bunce

Staff  - elected by the School staff

Resigned 01 Feb 2023

01 Nov 2021 01 Feb 2023         Resigned from Board 1st February 2023
Dr Frances Burke

Co-opted co-opted by the Governing Board

Term of office ceased 24 Feb 2023

25 Feb 2015 24 Feb 2023

Performance Management

Pay Review


Pupil Premium



    Ex Parent

There are no relationships between governors and members of the school staff including spouses, partners and relatives.


The name of the school is Elangeni School

The school is a Community school

The name of the governing board is

“The governing board of Elangeni School”

The governing body shall consist of:

  • 1 LA governor
  • 1 head teacher
  • 1 staff governor
  • 2 parent governors
  • 8 co-opted governors

The total number of governors shall be 13

The term of office of governors is to be 4 years

This instrument of government comes into effect on 25th February 2015

This instrument of government was made by order of Buckinghamshire Local Authority on 25th February 2015

A copy of the instrument must be supplied to every member of the governing body (and the Head Teacher, if not a governor)