Elangeni School is keen to support government initiatives to encourage walking and cycling for the journey to and from school to promote healthy lifestyles, to encourage the use of sustainable transport and to reduce the dangers of traffic congestion at the start and end of the school day.

To this end, Elangeni School will allow bicycles onto the premises provided parents and pupils alike take full responsibility for the safety both of themselves and of their bikes. The School will provide an appropriate cycle storage facility for the storage of bikes.

Elangeni School is not liable for property brought onto the premises and is therefore not liable for pupils bicycles being stolen, lost or damaged by a third party.

Elangeni School accepts no responsibility for the safety of pupils on the journey to and from school. This remains the duty of parents.

Parents should ensure that their child:

  • is accompanied by an adult for the journey to and from school;
  • wears a helmet for both journeys;
  • dismounts at the entrance to the school grounds and walks their bicycle to the designated parking area, this includes the pathway via Chestnut Lane;
  • locks their bicycle securely, taking care of other bikes in the area.