Administering Medication in School

At Elangeni we will administer essential medication during school hours. We can only administer medication with your permission and this permission must be given on the form which you can download below or from the forms section on this website.

However, there are certain types of medication the local authority will not allow us to administer

  1. We are NOT allowed to administer any medication that contains Ibuprofen or Aspirin. The only exception to this rule is if the Ibuprofen has been prescribed by a doctor, the pharmacist's dispensing label must be clear and legible on the bottle .
  2. We are NOT allowed to administer antibiotics. The only exception to this rule is if the antibiotic, prescribed by a doctor, must be taken 4 times a day.
  3. We are NOT allowed to give your child any medication unless YOU have filled out the correct form (available to download below) and handed it to one of the admin staff who may have further questions to ask before they agree to administer the medication on your behalf. This includes all lotions, potions or over the counter cough sweets, throat soothers etc...
  4. We are NOT allowed to administer any medication that does not come in the box it was purchased in with the instruction leaflet enclosed. All medicines and in particular all prescribed medication must be given to us in the box. This includes all Asthma inhalers. If you provide us with an inhaler without a box we will ask that you to contact your GP and get a repeat prescription and bring us the medication in the box. It is your responsibility to prove to us that the medication you are asking us to administer to your child has been prescribed for your child.
  5. We will NOT give your child medication to control a temperature. If it is necessary for you to give your child medication to control a temperature in the morning before they come to school they are NOT deemed fit or well enough to attend school that day.

We are not obliged to administer medication but would normally agree to do so in order to help parents, in particular those who would find it difficult to come into school to give their child the medication at the appropriate time. We reserve the right to refuse to administer medication to your child on your behalf if you do not help us adhere to the strict guidelines of the local authority. If we choose to exercise this right or we are not allowed to administer the medication (see above) you are obviously more than welcome to come into school at the appropriate time, report to the school office, and give your own child the medication with the exception of any medication that is being used to control a temperature.

Required if you would like us to administer medicine to your child during the school day.


Parental agreement for Elangeni School to administer medication 22-23.pdf .pdf

Last updated: 5th August 2022

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