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Governor Vacancies

At Elangeni, we are passionate about supporting our children to help them reach their full potential. Elangeni Governing Board makes a positive contribution to children’s education by offering supportive challenge to the school’s senior leadership team to help raise standards and monitor resources. The Governing Board operates at a strategic level and is not involved in the day-to-day running of the school. The Board responsibilities include setting strategic direction of the school, monitoring progress against objectives set by Ofsted and ensuring long term financial sustainability. This is done by building a thorough knowledge of the school and its community, by both supporting and constructively challenging the school, and by ensuring accountability and compliance.  


What are we looking for?   

We are currently looking for new Governors with no current association with the children at the school and would be delighted to hear from anyone who has:  


  • background in Finance, HR or Health and Safety fields  
  • interest in the performance of the school.   
  • desire to contribute to and represent the community.  
  • open-minded approach and the ability to look at issues objectively   
  • confidence to ask questions and join in debate.   
  • willingness to listen and make informed judgements  
  • ability to work well with others   
  • about 10 hours a month to spare   

We welcome interest from anyone who feels they have the right experience and skills to contribute to the work of the Board.  


Why become a governor?   

Elangeni Governors are all volunteers who work together for the benefit of the school and are a link between the school and the community it serves. Being a Governor offers a variety of benefits:  

  • chance to develop skills in strategic management   
  • opportunity to work with our team of governors and staff in improving our school   
  • sense of achievement in making a difference to our school   
  • pleasure of seeing children reach their potential   
  • access to further training to build on existing skills and develop new ones  

What does the Governor role involve?   

Governor role is voluntary and is not remunerated. Governors must be prepared to attend, on average, one meeting a month and also need to allow additional preparation and follow up time. Governors will receive an induction and be encouraged to engage in development opportunities, attend school events and take an interest in the wider life of the school.   

The expectations of the Elangeni Governors are:   

  • to attend and contribute to the meetings of the Governors, at least monthly  
  • when required, to sit on any committee and attend all associated meetings  
  • to monitor a subject link area within the school and meet with the staff subject leader termly  
  • to visit the school formally and informally  
  • to commit to attending training and development course  

If you are interested to learn more, please contact the Chair of Governors on (