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Welcome to Chestnut Lane & Elangeni PTA 

otherwise known as CLESA

Registered Charity 291212

Dear Parents,

Both Elangeni and Chestnut Lane Schools benefit greatly from the funds raised by CLESA and allow your children to experience those ‘extra’ memories school life should include as well as keeping our resources current and sufficient for our needs.  We are extremely grateful to you all.

Unfortunately with COVID restrictions and social distancing the work of CLESA will be particularly impacted this year by preventing much of our fundraising efforts and not allowing schools to utilise these funds to augment the learning experiences supplemented through PTA funding, so we have taken the decision to have a sabbatical year for CLESA with the view that we can restart the committee once it is appropriate to do so. 

Thanks to our Chairman, Sarah Carroll, Treasurers – Emily Haigh and Angie Hurren, and Secretary Mandip Malhotra, all of whom were due to step down at our AGM in October.  After this year’s rest period, hopefully we will be able to re establish CLESA with a wealth of new committee members willing to take on lead roles in making our schools’ events a success. 

The following initiatives are able to continue so please support these if you are not already signed up to do so.  More information can be found on the CLESA page of either school’s website. 

  • Gift Cards
  • Lottery
  • Easyfundraising
  • Amazon Smile - *New*

Many thanks to those parents who have been part of the CLESA committee or been active in organising events and particular gratitude to those parents continuing to manage Gift cards, the school lottery and Easyfundraising this academic year.    

Yours sincerely,

Miss A Burns and Mrs G Rehal

Head Teachers of Elangeni and Chestnut Lane Schools