Reading at Elangeni

At Elangeni, we strive to ensure that all children can decode, comprehend and enjoy reading. We identify children who require support with phonics and deliver interventions that support them to hear, identify and use different sounds that distinguish one word from another. Our phase 2 – 6 boxes are filled with interactive resources that help engage children with phonics.

We have also invested in banded reading books, using Colins Big Cat Little Wandle series, that ensures that early readers can decode, and enjoy books that have targeted grapheme phoneme correspondences (GPCs) at home and in school. Furthermore, the children are encouraged to read aloud, both in class and individually, in order for staff to assess their fluency skills. This enables them to provide children with banded books until they become free readers.

All learners at Elangeni have the opportunity to access our school library that is filled with quality texts, curated by the Year 6 librarians, that showcases our love of reading. The children visit this as a class and are able to select from a wide range of fiction and non-fiction texts to enjoy at home.