Statement For SEN

Children have special educational needs if they have a learning difficulty and they require something additional to and different from the normal curriculum. Class teachers and support staff are alert to the needs of the children who are monitored and assessed to measure the progress made.

At Elangeni we assess each child’s levels of attainment termly in order to ensure that they build upon the pattern of learning and experience already established. If the child already has an identified special educational need, this information will be transferred from the child’s previous school and is used to provide starting points for the development of an appropriate curriculum.

Children with special needs are supported in a variety of ways. They may work within the classroom in a small group or individually with either the class teacher or a teaching assistant. They may be taken out of the classroom to work in a small group with a teaching assistant on their class work or a programme to suit their specific needs.

Where it is found necessary, our Specialist Support Teacher from the Specialist Teaching Service is consulted and a detailed assessment of the needs of the child is carried out. The Specialist Teacher makes recommendations, which are implemented through a Provision Map for the child. Our attached Educational Psychologist, Speech and Language Therapist or Occupational Therapist for the school may also be consulted for advice concerning a suitable programme of learning.

SENCO - Mrs S Hamilton


 Buckinghamshire Family Information Service

Elangeni SEND Annual Report 2022

Last Update: 5th August 2022

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