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Our Eco Activities


Sustainable development is all about trying to get a better life for everyone now and in the future without destroying our most precious resource - the planet.

That means caring for the things we most depend on, caring about ourselves, caring about each other and caring about the environment - so that we can avoid problems like climate change and poverty.

School can play a big role in helping our children to think in this way, which is why we would like Elangeni to become a sustainable school. We have recently registered on the Eco–School programme to help us on our sustainable journey. The children have elected a representative from their class to be the children’s voice on the Eco-School committee.

We have also started collecting a few things that you might normally just throw away. We are collecting used postage stamps to raise money for Hearing dogs for the deaf and also old printer ink cartridges. By sending old printer cartridges away for recycling we can raise valuable funds for Elangeni. We raised £12 last term from this scheme.




Colour in for our Eco Wall!
Colour in for our Eco Wall!